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The Five-Year Plans of Argentina is the state-planning strategy which happened during the first government of Juan Domingo Peron. Its trade agreements reached a number of countries and from 1947 to 1949, they reached Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Norway, and Sweden.

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Q: The Five-Year Plan between 1947 and 1949?
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Why did the congress pass the Marshall plan?

To meet this emergency, Secretary of State George Marshall proposed in a speech at Harvard University on June 5, 1947, that European nations create a plan for their economic reconstruction and that the United States provide economic assistance.

The difference in the legislative branch between the New Jersey plan and the Virginia Plan?

The New Jersey plan had one house based on equal representation of each state while the Virginia plan had two houses based on the states population.

What agreement ended the debate between large and small states?

Virgina plan

When did the Marshall plan begin?

Soon after the Truman Doctrine promised to 'support free peoples' (March 1947), General George Marshall went to Europe. He was shocked by what he saw. Europe was ruined and - after the coldest winter in record - starving. Marshall told Truman that all Europe would turn Communist unless the US helped. Marshall announced his Plan to students at Harvard University on 5th June 1947. He promised that America would do 'whatever it is able to do to assist in the return of normal economic health in the world.' He challenged the countries of Europe to produce a plan, which the US would fund. By 12 July, the British politician Ernest Bevin (who called the Plan 'a lifeline to sinking men') had organised a meeting of European nations in Paris, which asked for $22 billion of aid. Stalin forbade Cominform countries to take part. Truman asked Congress for $17 bn, and Congress (after the collapse of Czechoslovakia, March 1948) gave $13 bn. Marshall Aid took the form of fuel, raw materials, goods, loans and food, machinery and advisers. It jump-started rapid European economic growth, and stopped the spread of Communism. This also helped many family's out of starvation.

Which was Madisons plan for a national government with greatly expanded powers?

balance between different interests

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What actors and actresses appeared in A Capital Plan - 1949?

The cast of A Capital Plan - 1949 includes: Lorne Greene as Narrator

When was the Marshall Plan approved by Congress?

June 5, 1947

What statement describes one effect of the partition plan for the Palestinian Territories proposed by the United Nations in 1947?

The plan was rejected, and cubical war broke out between arabs and jews

What of the following statements describes one effect of partition plan for the Palestinian Territories proposed by the US nations in 1947?

The plan was rejected, and civil war broke out between Arabs and Jews (D)

When did the UN split Palestine?

in 1947 look on the internet for the 1947 UN Partition plan

When was the Marshall Plan in effect?

The Marshal Plan was instituted on July 12, 1947.

What is the European recovery program 1947 known as?

The Marshall Plan.

What was the name of the plan that officially partioned palestine in 1947?

UN Resolution 181: The Partition Plan for the Mandate of Palestine.

What are the release dates for The Big Story - 1949 The Secret Witness Plan 7-4?

The Big Story - 1949 The Secret Witness Plan 7-4 was released on: USA: 11 November 1955

What did the marshall plan do in 1947?

It provided help to nations to rebuild after WWII.

What year was the marshall plan approved?

i think it was approved in the year 1947

What came first the Berlin airlift or the marshall plan?

The Marshall plan came first. The Marshall Plan was announced on 5 June 1947 and implementation began in April the following year. The Berlin Airlift began on 25 June 1948 and lasted until 30 September 1949 (even though the Soviets ended their blockade at one minute past midnight on 12 May 1948.