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It was modeled after "British Parliament".

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The House of Lords

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Q: The Founding Fathers modeled the US Congress on what governing body?
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What is the Greek meaning of political?

The Greek meaning of political is of, for, or relating to citizens. The Greek way to say political is Politikos. The word was modeled off a book Aristotle made on governing and governments named "Affairs of the city".

Were the founding father's motives for the creation of the Constitution democratic reform or economic gain?

The way this question is answered depends a great deal on what is understood by "democratic reformer." If the word "democratic" is given an extremely narrow definition, it is easy to say that the founding fathers were not democratic reformers. Their original intent was only to throw off the yoke of british rule. Looking back to pre-revolutionary America we see that the colonial governments were modeled after british limited monarchy, the colonies had assemblies, upper and lower houses, and while they did not have a king they had a governor who was chosen directly by the king so as to be an extension of the kings will in the colonies. We must assume that even during the revolution the founding fathers had no designs of a democracy and even after the revolution some might hesitate to call the government formed a democracy because it lacked a strong central government. In fact, the articles of confederation were modeled more after the grecian city-states which were republican governments. One might argue that it is irrelevant to the concept of democracy whether the central government is weak or strong; by this argument, Switzerland is the least democratic country in the world and absulute dictatorships are more democratic since they are centralized. In addition these remarks really only apply to the actions of the founding fathers prior to the Constitution of 1787 since that Constitution created a stronger central government although it retained a monarch-like figure in the position of President. The founding generation were democratic reformers in many ways, and were really seen as radical during their time. They did receive a lot of their ideas of democracy from the Enlightenment writers, such as Locke, Voltaire,and Rousseau. Nevertheless, many of the founders were rather reserved on giving democratic power and say in the government to the common man, being uncertain that the country would be able to remain stable and orderly if such was the case.

What was the declaration of the rights of man modeled after?

The Declaration of the Rights of Man was modeled after the Declaration of Independence.

What was the Virginia plan modeled after?

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What modeled off the American declaration of independence?

french revolution documents