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The governor of a state may veto an item of any type of bill without vetoing the whole bill. This action is called an item, line veto.

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revenue bill

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Q: The Governor may veto an item of what type of bill without vetoing the whole bill?
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What is a power that most state govenors have that president does not?

The line item veto in an appropriations t bill is the power you have in mind. Such a power lets the governor strike single items without vetoing the whole bill. Without such power, the legislature can pass a bill that contains necessary expenditures along with useless "pork" and the governor either has to allow the useless expenses or else veto something that the state must have have .

Authority to delete part of a bill involving taxing or spending without vetoing the entire bill?

line-item veto

The vetoing of a bill is?

judicial review

What does vetoing bill means?

To veto a bill is to decline or not accept it

The President shows disapproval of a bill by ____________.?

Vetoing it

When did slavery end in Kansas?

On February 22, 1860 a bill to end slavery was returned to the House after the Governor returned the bill unsigned, essential vetoing the bill. On February 25th the bill was voted on by the Council and passed with a 9 to 4 vote, overriding the veto.

How can the president check the authority of congress?

By vetoing a bill

Can a bill become law without governor's signature?

In order for a state bill to become a law the governor must sign it. Without his signature the bill dies. At that point the legislature has to come up with enough votes to pass the bill into law without the governor's signature or just let it go.

What is a specific word for when the president doesn't sign the bill?

The opposite of signing a bill is vetoing a bill.

What can the president do other than vetoing a bill?

Accept or approve it

What branch can check the power by vetoing any bill is passes?

The Legislature

Did George Bush anger democrats by vetoing a tax increase bill?