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The Nullification Crisis occurred during Andrew Jackson's presidency. The ordinance stated that the federal Tariffs of 1828 South Carolina's boundaries. The controversial and highly protective Tariff of 1828, known by its opponents as the"Tariff of Abominations."

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The federal government had the right to regulate trade

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Q: The Nullification Crisis involved a conflict over whether?
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Who was involved in the nullification conflict?

The Nullification Crisis was initiated by the Vice President (at the time) John C. Calhoun, as an advocate for states rights.

Which event is the BEST example of a conflict over states' rights?

Nullification Crisis

Key events of the nullification conflict?

the Nullification Crisis was put to an end by the Great Compromiser himself, Henry Clay, with the Compromise Tariff of 1833.

Who was involved in the nullification crisis of 1832?

South Catolina, refusing to pay the tariffs on foreign imports.

Who worked out the compromise that ended the Nullification Crisis?

Henry Clay ended the Nullification Crisis.

The basic ideas behind the Nullification Crisis were also among the basic ideas behind which American conflict?

The Civil War.

What issue triggered the argument over nullification?

nullification crisis

How did the nullification crisis affect sectionalism even more?

The bank war and the Nullification Crisis increased sectionalism because Jackson's policies divided the nation over Bank War and the Nullification Crisis.

What happened in the Nullification Crisis?

Nix !

What Tariff increased sectionalism during what event?

the nullification process

The nullification crisis of 1832 centered around what answer jacksons war on the bank?

The nullification crisis of 1832 centered around southern opposition to tariffs.

Consequences to the Nullification Crisis?

There were so many consequences to the Nullification Crisis. First of all there was so much doubt created in the Jackson's presidency and there was unification of the South among other effects.