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The Populist Party sought to increase the power of the common people. They fought to take away power from the rich.

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the middle class

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Q: The Populist party wanted to create rights for?
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What did American farmers and the populist party wanted?


In what field did the populist party have the most interest?

they represented the peasants in russia who wanted a social revolution

Why did the populist party support free silver?

yes, it did they are the ones that wanted it to happen. the populist party was made up of farmers and farmers wanted it so they could pay of their debt

What was the populist party was chiefly composed of?

FarmersThe Populist Party was chiefly composed of individual farmers. The party was an off-shoot of The Grangers, which lobbied Congress for increased rights and opportunities for farmersSource: ATLT- History

Who is the populist party?

People in the Populist party had interest in the free coinage of silver, were mostly created by labor and farmers, wanted a graduated income tax, and government control of monopolies.

What group helped spark the organization of the populist party?

bankers and businessmen who wanted tax relief

What has the author Alex Mathews Arnett written?

Alex Mathews Arnett has written: 'The Populist movement in Georgia' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Populist Party, Populist Party (Ga.), Populist party. Georgia, Populist Party (Georgia)

Why did the populist party support?

because the farmers wanted to end the gold rush and so within supporting the populist party their was more support to override the government and stop the farmers from having to pay so much.

A symbol of the populist party?

The symbol of the Populist Party is a blue bell.

What party issued the Omaha platform?

The Populist Party (also known as the People's party)

Why did the populist movement start?

As westward expansion was becoming more popular, so was farming the western land. Wanting to be represented, these farmers created the Farmer's Alliance, which fought for rights and privelages of farmers. The Farmer's Alliance later turned into the Populist Party.

What party is the populist party similar to?

There are a few populist that is similar to political platforms. The main populist would be farmers.