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It is more appropriate to say that the Vice-President of the United States has as one of his constitutional responsibilities to serve as President of the US Senate.

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The President of the Senate holds the office of Vice-President. But actually it is more correct to say that the Vice-President shall also be the President of the Senate.

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Q: The President of the Senate also holds what other important office?
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Who presently holds the office of the US senate?

the president of the united states of americA

What is the other name for the president of the senate?

The Vice-president of the United States also serves as the President of the Senate. In 2012, Joe Biden holds this office.

If the US House of Representatives chooses to impeach a president who conducts the trial?

The senate holds all impeachment trials. If two thirds of the senate finds him guilty then the president will be removed from office. Only the House can impeach the President, not the entire Congress.

What is the margin to impeach the president?

A simple in the House suffices for the impeachment. The Senate then holds a trial and a 2/3 majority is requited to convict and remove the president from office.

What office holder is the President of the Senate?

Under the US Constitution, the Vice-President of the United States presides at the Senate and is thus the President of the Senate. If the Vice-President is not present, then the President Protempore of the Senate presides. The Majority Leader of the Senate is usually also the President Protem.

When president Andrew Johnson was impeached did he leave office?

Johnson was acquitted by the Senate of the impeachment charges brougth forth by the House. He did not have to leave office and so served out his full term. ( Impeachment is only the first step in removing the President. If a President is impeached, the Senate holds a trial and 2/3 of the senators must vote for conviction in order to remove him from office. )

Who holds the highest office in the US government?

The President of the United States holds the highest office in the US government

Who holds the office of vice president?

Joe Biden holds this office at this date in 2011.

How is the senate leader elected?

Senate PresidentThe President of the US Senate is the Vice President of the US. you got to write names on it

Who decides whether to remove a president from office after an impeachment trial?

The US Senate holds the trial and then votes on whether to remove the President. 2/3 of those voting must favor removal in order for it to happen.

What house needs to remove the president from office if he is vetoed?

I think you are confused. A veto is what a president does to a bill he doesn't want or like. People are not vetoed. The word you are looking for is impeachment. A impeachment starts in the house and is done in the senate.

What happens after the president nominates a new secretary of state?

All cabinet nominees, including Secretary of State, must be approved by the US Senate before he can take office. The Senate usually holds hearings before making their decision.