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they didnt want to change presidents in the middle of depression

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Q: The Republicans chose the same candidate for President a third time because?
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Republicans chose Calvin Coolidge as their vice presidential candidate in the 1920 election largely because?

Republicans choose Calvin Coolidge as their vice presidential candidate in the 1920 election largely because?

Why did republicans choose Chester Arthur as Vice presidential candidate in 1880?

Republicans chose Chester Arthur as their vice presidential candidate in 1880 because he was seen as a compromise candidate who would help balance the ticket. Arthur, a skilled politician from New York, was chosen to provide support to presidential candidate James Garfield, who was from Ohio. In addition, Arthur's reputation for political loyalty and his connections within the Republican Party made him an attractive choice for the position.

What was the main reason that President Lincoln chose Simon Cameron as his secretary of war?

As a senator from Pennsylvania, Simon Cameron supported Abraham Lincoln's nomination as the Republican candidate to the US presidency. He was important in winning Pennsylvania for the Republicans in the 1860 presidential election.

When Republicans chose Ulysses S. Grant as their presidential candidate in the election of 1868 Democrats chose?

Horatio Seymour as their candidate. Seymour was the Governor of New York at the time and had previously served as the mayor of Utica. He was known for his conservative viewpoints and his opposition to Reconstruction policies. Despite his efforts, Grant won the election and became the 18th President of the United States.

Why does the president pick the vice president?

The Presidential Candidate's main purpose in picking the Vice President is "balancing the ticket." To "balance the ticket" is to find a VP Candidate that deposits values into a Presidential campaign that will bring support from voters that were not previously inclined to vote for that candidate. In most every United States presidential election within the past 30 years, the presidential candidate chose a VP candidate with almost opposite views and beliefs so that they might hoard the votes.

What things had taken place in 2000?

There was a presidential election that year.At the 2000 Republican National Convention,the Republicans chose Texas governor George W.Bush to be their candidate for president.Bush chose former U.S. secretary of defense Dick Cheney to be his running mate.At the 2000 Democratic National Convention,the Democrats chose vice president Al Gore to be their candidate for president.Gore chose senator Joe Liberman to be his running mate.On November 7,2000,Gore won the popular vote but to win the election,the candidate who had won in Florida would win the presidency.On December 13,2000,the Florida Supreme Court gave the election to George W.Bush.

Why Abraham Lincoln have to to be president?

because they chose him to be.

What was the last time Tennessee voted for the Democratic presidential candidate?

In 1996 it chose Clinton over Dole and in 1992 it chose Clinton over the incumbent President George H. W. Bush.

Which party chose the incumbent president as its candidate?

Every party that has had incumbent presidents in office has renominated at least one of them except the Whig Party.

If no candidate for the presidency wins a simple majority of the total number of electoral votes what body has the power to chose the president?

Senate, if I'm correct.

What day do the democrats officially choose the President of the U.S.?

The Democrats do not chose the President; the American people do. Electors of the Democratic party choose their candidate at their annual National Convention, which has no specific date.

Why do you think the president and vice president are both from the same party today.?

They run as a team and are both elected by the same electors who have pledged to support their candidacy. The only way they could not be from the same party would be if no candidate received a majority of the electoral vote so the House of Representatives chose the President and the Senate chose the Vice-President.