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Q: The Salt March occurred in what year?
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What year did the Salt March begin?

March 12, 1930

Dandi March was launched by whom In which year?

The Salt March also known as the Dandi March or the Salt Satyagraha, began on 12th March 1930.

What year was Gandhi's salt march?


What year did Gandhi walk the salt march?

In 1930.

What year was the Boston massacre occur?

March 5th, 1770 was the date the Boston Massacre occurred.

What year was March 23rd most recently on a Sunday?

March 23rd occurred on a Sunday in the year 2014. According to the Doomsday Algorithm, the last times this happened were 2008 and 2003.

In which year did Mahatma Gandhi's historic Salt march take place?


What year was the the salt march in?

the salt march began at 1949, which Mohandas gandhi has been instructed all hindus to fight british reign in India in passive resistance. source: kayamanan 3

What was the Salt March protesting?

The Salt March was a protest against the British monopoly in India on salt.

Was there kids doing the salt march?

No there was only men doing the salt march

How did the salt march begin?

Salt march begins when britishers took tax on salt and gandhi ji is against of this tax. He fight against this rule. Hence salt march begins.

When was Rowalt act occurred?

March 1919