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I think you're looking fo the American Revolutionary War! ;-)

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Q: The Sons of Liberty and other patriots helped lead to which war?
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Who is in the American Revolution?

sons of liberty and other patriots

Is the sons of liberty is patriots or terrors?


Why are the Sons of Liberty considered patriots?

Because the Sons Of Liberty were against the the british Government.

When did Sons of Liberty form?

The phrase of "sons of liberty" is often referred to as the patriots of the American Revolutionary War.

Who was the group of patriots that protested british laws?

the sons of liberty

Who were the sons of liberity?

The Sons of Liberty were a group of patriots dedicated to independence and they were a very successful group.

Who were the group of Patriots who protested British laws?

The Sons of Liberty were one main group that opposed British laws. There were also many other groups like the Boston Tea Party activists and the free masons.

What two ways did the patriots protest the stamp act?

1. The patriots boycotted British goods 2. Violence by the Sons of Liberty

Who helped to found the sons of liberty?

Samual adams

How did patriots feels about the sons of liberty?

my butt

Who was the colonial leader who helped organize the sons of liberty?

Samuel Adams!

What were the groups that formed to resist british taxation through open rebellion?

The Patriots