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Q: The Supreme Court first declared that the courts have the power to overturn government acts that conflict with the Constitution in?
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What branch of the government can overturn laws it finds are against the constitution?

It would depend on which country you are referring to.

How does Madison justify the new central government envisioned in the Constitution?

Madison justified the new central government envisioned in the Constitution by stating that the separation of government into three powers would check the powers. He believed that if the government abused it's powers, the citizens had the right to revolt and overturn the government.

Who may overturn a presidential pardon?

no one ....only constitution

What term means overturn illegally?

Assuming that you are talking about a Government, it's to 'overthrow' a Government.

What government did Fidel Castro overturn in the Revolution?

Fulgencio Batista's

Can us courts overturn the ruling of government agencies?


What does the judicial review give the power to the supreme court?

overturn an act of congress that violates the constitution - apex

What branch declares if laws are fair?

No branch does this.The Judicial branch ... specifically the Supreme Court ... can rule on whether laws are compatible with the US Constitution or not, and overturn laws which are not (the US Constitution is "above the law" in that all laws passed by the Legislative branch and ratified by the Executive branch are strictly subordinate to it, and in any conflict between the two, the Constitution takes precedence), but this is only peripherally related to "fairness".

Can the US Supreme Court overturn a law that was approved by the President?

The Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch of the government and has the responsibility to enforce the Constitution. If legislation is found to be unconstitutional then it is overturned.

What can the legislative branch do if the president vetoes a bill and in what article and section is it in the U.S. Constitution?

They can overturn the veto with a two-thirds majority vote.

A constitutional amendment can overturn a supreme court decision?

The Supreme Courts job is to interpret and uphold the laws of today based on their knowledge of the constitution. They would not be able to decide anything directly violating the constitution, but they do have their own interpretation of what it says. Knowing this, it is possibly that the amendments could overturn their decision, although it is extremely unlikely that it would.

How can a decision of the supreme court get reversed?

Yes, you either need Congress to change the law(and if their law was declared unconstitutional they need to change the original law to make it constitutional.) And if Congress doesn't want to change the law they need to propose an amendment addition to the Constitution. The Supreme Court can overturn its own decisions. For example, Plessy vs Ferguson was overturned by Brown vs The Board of Education.