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The Conseravative and Unionist Party

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Q: The Tory Party in Great Britain evolved into?
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What did the tory party in great Britain evolve into?

The Conservative Party

The Tory party in Britain was made up primarily of?

The Tory party in Britain was made up primarily of men who opposed the Whig party and were supportive of a strong monarchy.

What is a sentence with the word tory?

The Tory was a political party in Britain controlled by the aristocracy.

What does the current Tory party in Britain do?

Runs the country

What is a name for an American who did not want independence from Great Britain?


Colonist who favored war against Britain is called what?

A patriot. An American colonist that supported Great Britain was known as a Tory.

The Tory party in Britain was composed of?

The King's allies. Normally made up of the landed gentry who opposed universal suffrage.

What is a labor government?

In Britain there is a political party known as Labour. Currently they are the party in power, forming the government. So Britain has a "Labour Government". The other main part is the Conservative Party. When they are in power there is a "Conservative Government", or because it is a nickname for their party a "Tory Government".

Which political party called tory?

Conservative Party

What political party starts with a LETTER T?

Tory (UK party)

What is an opponent of the Whig party called?


What has the author Alan David Brown written?

Alan David Brown has written: 'Profits, wages and wealth' -- subject(s): Labor and laboring classes 'The Tory years, 1951-1962' -- subject(s): Conservative Party (Great Britain), Politics and government