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The Enlightenment The Modern era and thinkers such as Bacon and Hobbes

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Q: The US Constitution was an effort to apply the human ability to reason to solve human problems of governance what philosophical school must have influenced the writers of the constitution?
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What philosophical school must have influenced the writers of constitution?

the enlightenment

What motivated the Founders to write the US Constitution and what were the major historical political and philosophical factors that influenced them when they wrote it?

How are we suppose to know?

How was the Texas Constitution influenced by the US Constitution?


Did the constitution of USA influenced the making of Indian constitution?

not at all because indian constitution was influenced by the government of india act 1935.

What is the answer to the Framing of the US Constitution?

what documents influenced the framing of the constitution

Which had influenced the most in making the constitution of India?

constitution of USA

What influenced the constitution?

The Constitution was influenced by the Articles of Confederation. When the framers wrote the Constitution, they had only intended to amend the Articles, but a whole new document emerged.

Which provision of the original US Constitution was most influenced by this ideal?

which provision of the original united states constitution was most influenced by this idea

What philosophical movement greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson?

Michael bloxx Two works of political science that greatly influenced the constitution of the united states were: Cyropedia by Xenophon The Prince by Machiavelli

What principle of government found in the Iroquois constitution influenced the farming of the us constitution?

separation of powers

Who was the philosopher that influenced the writing of the constitution?

By Voltaire

What country is India's constitution influenced by?