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No. The US Supreme Court has sole discretion over which cases it hears, choosing approximately 1-2% of the 10,000 or more petitions for writ of certiorari it receives every year.

The 94 US District Courts, which are trial courts and the point of entry to the federal judicial system, receive the highest volume of cases and are most active because they are required to hear most cases presented.

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Q: The US Supreme Court is the most active of the federal judiciary courts?
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How did congress organize the judiciary system?

13 federal district courts, 3 circuit courts, and 1 supreme court

How did congress organize judiciary systems?

13 federal district courts, 3 circuit courts, and 1 supreme court

How congress organize the judiciary system?

13 federal district courts, 3 circuit courts, and 1 supreme court

Why did congress pass the judiciary act 1789?

to create federal courts below the supreme court

What law created a system of federal courts below supreme court?

Congress created the first "inferior courts" of the federal judiciary in the Judiciary Act of 1789, but has expanded or dismantled parts of the federal court system at various points in history.

What was the purpose of judiciary act?

The purpose of the Judiciary Act of 1789 was to establish the federal court system in the United States. It laid out the structure of the federal judiciary, including the creation of the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts, and defined their jurisdiction and powers. It also helped to clarify the relationship between state and federal courts.

Which branch of government is composed of federal courts?

The Judicial Branch of the U.S. government is made up of the federal courts and led by the Supreme Court.

When were the federal district courts created?

Under Articles I and III of the Constitution, Congresshas sole authority to create federal courts. They established the US Supreme Court (mandated by the Constitution) and first federal courts in the Judiciary Act of 1789.

How were the lower federal courts established?

The Constitution established only one federal court, the Supreme Court. It left to Congress the job of creating the federal court system. Congress has created two types of federal courts, District and Courts of Appeals . It has also enacted laws dealing with the size and function of the Supreme Court.

What is one of the major roles the Supreme Court played in the federal judiciary?

evaluate the decisions of lower federal court

In which congressional act did congress exercise its power to create a federal court system?

Most of the federal courts. If you're asking about the first courts Congress created under the Judiciary Act of 1789, see Related Questions, below.

Do Mexico use judges?

Yes. By virtue of being a federal representative republic with three Powers of the Union (the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), the Judiciary is composed by the Supreme Court of Justice, the Electoral Tribunal and other tribunals and courts at the local, state and federal levels.