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Robert Dinwiddie sent George Washington to the Ohio country.

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Robert dinwiddie

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Q: The Virginia governor who sent George Washington into the Ohio country?
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Who was the Virginia governor who sent George Washington into the Ohio country?

Robert Dinwiddie

What was the name of George Washington home?

westmorland country virginia.

Which country was George Washington from?

Washington was from Mt. Vernon, Virginia. For the person who asked this question, Virginia is a state within the United States, which means that George Washington was from the United States.

Where was George Washingtons Place of Residence?

that George Washington lived in ''westmoreland country , Virginia .....

Where was George Washington Carmack born?

Westoreland country, colony of Virginia

How old was George Washington when he came to this country?

Washington was born in Virginia (then an English colony) in 1732.

Who delivered the messages from Governor Dinwiddie to the French?

George Washington George Washington GEORGE WASHINGTON

Where did Martha Washington and George Washington live?


What happened to George Washington in the year 1749?

he became official surveyor for culpeper country, virginia

Is George Washington from Washington state?

No. He is from Virginia

Which president is buried at his home Mount Vernon in Virginia?

George Washington is buried in a tomb at Mount Vernon, his plantation in Virginia.

Where was George Washington childhood?

George Washington was a childhood in Westmoreland, Virginia.