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African Americans

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The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was an effort to ensure voting rights for

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Q: The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was an effort to ensure voting rights for?
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Which of the following measures did Radical Republicans support?

The Radical Republicans supported the measure to ensure voting rights for African Americans.

What are top 5 groups promoting voting rights for felons?

The top 5 groups promoting voting rights for felons are different in each state. Like voting rights retained while in jail for a felony, voting rights upon release, voting rights once released from prison, voting rights completion of sentence and voting rights depending on the type of conviction.

States rights by voting?

I am not sure what you are asking. Voting rights are given in the constitution and the states have made laws to restrict some voting rights, but the federal government is suppose to protect voting rights.

Do bondholders have voting rights?

No, only stockholders have voting rights. Bondholders do not.

Questions on civil rights act of 1964 voting rights?

The voting rights were actually on the year 1965.

What government act in 1965 gave the federal government more power in its effort to end discrimination in voting?

Voting Rights Act

How did voting rights in America expand?

The various civil rights that were enacted were able to expand the voting rights in America.

What rights do a Bangladeshi citizen have?

Rights for freedom of speech, Voting rights,

What were the voting rights of the roman republic?

The voting rights is that you have to be 15 years old to vote.

What amendments broadened voting rights?

The 19th amendment gave women voting rights.

How are voting rights in the IMF determined?

Voting rights are allocated in proportion to the quota subscription.

What type of stocks have voting rights?

Typically, shares of Common Stock have voting rights.

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