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Q: The ability of persons or institutions to control policy?
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Is the ability of persons or institutions to control policy?


Can the used car insurance policy be transferred to the new owner?

No. Insurance is based upon a persons ability to be insured.

What are the Types and levels of public policy?

internal policy system; state stucture and civil society institutions

What is policy legitimization?

A policy covering something over which the government has power Legitimate policy is a virtue of political institutions. This is what makes the decisions about laws.

What has the author Eric Schaling written?

Eric Schaling has written: 'Institutions and monetary policy' -- subject(s): Case studies, Central Banks and banking, Financial institutions, Law and legislation, Monetary policy

Which control policy was introduced by Ala-ud-din khilji?

market control policy

What is a legitimate policy?

The policy is something over which the government has power.

Can you insure someone else's financed car?

No. Insurance cannot be obtained on property which the policy holder has no vested interest or ability to control.

The store of knowledge, personnel, and institutions for implementing policy is called?

state capacity

DOD policy regarding Trafficking in Persons is?

Zero Tolerance

What is the institutional model of public policy analysis?

Public policy is determined by political institutions, which give policy legitimacy. Government universally applies policy to all citizens of society and monopolizes the use of force in applying policy.

What is the difference between developed nations policy and underdeveloped countries policy?

the ability to organize.