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Under home rule, it was established that the ability to run state governments could be done without federal intervention

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Q: The ability to run state governments without federal intervention?
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home rule?

ability to run state governments without the interference of the federal government

What is home rule and how does it relate to Reconstruction?

Home rule was the policy of state governments who handled the affairs of the state without federal intervention. Southern states sought to restore it, having been defeated and harboring resentment toward the central government.

Can the states violate the Bill of Rights?

The 14th Amendment to the U.S Constitution enforces federal law, including the Bill of Rights, on the state governments. However, before the 14th Amendment, states did have the ability to "violate" the rights of their citizens.

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Did the Logan act barred private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments without authorization from the federal government?


How did political machines both help and hurt cities and governments?

people without ability or experience became offcials

What year was it when Northern troops were finally withdrawn from the South and Southern state governments are reconstituted without federal constraint?


What is the purpose of having three branches of government in your Federal and State governments Explain answer?

Because without them you would not have laws or any rights

Can a federal agency garnish wages without a court order?

Sometimes. The ability to garnish without a court order depends on the federal agency involved. The IRS, however, can always garnish wages and bank accounts without a court order.

Can you have a gay wedding in Washington dc and then move back to Alabama and it be regonized?

Although it will still be recognized by the federal government, Alabama as of 2014 does not recognize same-sex marriage, and is unlikely to do so without federal intervention in the near future.

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Without the intervention of UN forces, the Korean War may have had a different outcome.