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Dictator(ship) - Rulers who make the rules. They imprison anyone who disobeys. Examples: Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Benito Mussolini, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Aldolf Hitler.

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Q: The abuse of power by a ruler is known as what?
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What kind of ruler was Gilgamesh at the beginning of the story?

At the beginning of the story, Gilgamesh is portrayed as a tyrannical ruler who oppresses his people through harsh and arbitrary actions. He is known for his arrogance and abuse of power, which leads to dissatisfaction among his subjects.

Took power during the New Kingdom to avoid having a child ruler?

This ruler, known for encouraging the expansion of trade, took power during the New Kingdom to avoid having a child ruler.

What do you call it when people abuse the power they have?

When people abuse the power they have, it is commonly referred to as abuse of power or power abuse.

When did the Chinese feel it was Justifiable to turn against a ruler?

In Chinese history, the people often felt it was justifiable to turn against a ruler when they were seen as oppressive, corrupt, or incapable of governing fairly and effectively. This was often characterized by widespread suffering, injustice, or abuse of power by the ruler.

Who assures that the ruler or government does not abuse its power?

In a democracy, the final responsibility lies with the public. It is up to voters to vote for the right people and to demand good government.

Who is cauhtemoc?

Cauhtemoc[Emperor] was a ruler of the Aztec empire from 1520 to 1521.He came to power in 1521.Cauhtemoc was defeated by the Spanish empire.Cauhtemoc was known as the Aztec empire at that time. He was known as the godlike ruler of the Aztec's.

Which ruler known for encouraging the expansion for trade took power during the new kingdom?

ramesses the second

What is A ruler with unlimited power?

A ruler that has unlimited power and authority over his or her power is an absolute monarch.

What is Tiwanaku well known for?

Tiwanaku is known fr the power and reign that he brought in the area of MesoAmerica. This ruler had much power and dominated trade, primarily bananas as well as sugar cane.

What is the cruel and unfair use of force or power?

Tyranny is the cruel and unfair use of force or power, typically by a government or ruler, to oppress or control a population. It often involves the abuse of authority and the suppression of freedoms and rights.

When was Abuse of Power created?

Abuse of Power was created on 2011-08-16.

Can a supervisor be demoted for abuse of power?

Yes, a supervisor can be demoted for abuse of power.