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Q: The art of mudslinging during political campaigns prevents the general public from learning about what important thing?
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Why are many interesting in learning the content of public opinion?

Public opinion is very important in election campaigns world wide. Candidates and public office holders want to see how the public feels about certain policy and political issues. Often times public opinion (as taken by private polls ) helps determine public policy.

What are the branches of learning related to political science?

According to political experts, the branches of learning related to political science include international politics, public policy and political theory.

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Why learning theories is important to understand?

why is it important for educator to understand learning theories

Wh is learning important?

Because learning more makes you smarter

What the important for kids?

learning how to spell.

Why is blended learning considered to be important?

Blended learning is important as it offers the mix of both the instructor-led training and digital learning process. It is considered to be the best to help employers train their employees.

Why were hellenestic cities important?

they were important because they were the centersof learning and cultures

Is Girl Scouts a learning place or not?

Yes, Girl Scouts is a learning place. Activities for earning awards are designed to be learning experiences, with learning by doing an important part of the learning process.

How important are early learning centres in a childs life?

Early learning centers are extremely important in the early development which a child experiences. It is a fundamental block which allows a child to get a head start in their learning ability.