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judicial branch

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Q: The branch of government that settles disputes concerning the meaning and violation of laws is the?
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What branch of government settles disputes concerning the meaning and violation of laws?

The judicial branch applies and interprets the laws.

What is the meaning of porfeit?

Lose bond due to penalty violation

What is the meaning of Disloyalty?

Want of loyalty; lack of fidelity; violation of allegiance.

What the meaning of warrant vopretrial felony?

Violation of Probation Warrant

What does reptilia meaning?

Reptilia means of or concerning reptiles.

What is the meaning of a 1040 tax return?

The 1040 is the form that is submitted to the Internal Revenue Service that contains all of your information concerning total income, taxes paid and possible deductions. This is what the IRS uses in determining whether you owe the government or the government owes you.

What are the 2 other branches of government established by the new constitution and what are their primary functions?

The 3 branches are1. Legislative (Congress) -makes the laws 2. Executive (President and thousands of government employees) - carry out the laws 3. Judicial (Federal courts) - rule on disputes over the meaning of the law.

Tell you the meaning of disobedience?

Neglect or refusal to obey; violation of a command or prohibition.

What is the prefixes of historic?

The prefix of "historic" is "his-", meaning "related to or concerning".

What is the meaning of the term violacion?

The term 'violacion' is from the Spanish language. When translated to English it means 'violation'. One might use the term when talking about a traffic violation.

What is the meaning of the word opines concerning animals?

Concerns plants, not animals.

What the meaning of bte-sgdg?

"Bte S.G.D.G." is an abbreviation for a typical phrase concerning products from France. "Bte" is short for "breveté" (="patented") and " S.G.D.G." stands for "Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement" (="without government guarantee")