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The breakaway territory of Georgia saw immense conflict back in 2008. While Georgia attained its independence after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, pro-Russian groups in South Ossetia and Abkhazia declared their independence from Georgia. This led to government troops entering both regions to restore order. It also led to a Russian invasion, which saw five days of war between Russian and Georgian forces. While an uneasy peace was secured, Russia continues to occupy both regions in the name of protecting its ethnic citizens.

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Q: The breakaway territory of Georgia
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What year did the US Supreme Court overturn the Georgia laws affecting the Cherokee?

1832The US Supreme Court held Georgia had no right to pass laws regulating use of Cherokee territory or affecting the Cherokee while on their own land in the case Worcester v. Georgia,(1832).Case Citation:Worcester v. Georgia, 31 US 515 (1832)For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What describes the Yazoo Land Scandal?

The Yazoo Land Scandal occurred when several Georgia governors and the state legislature were bribed and illegally sold land companies' territory at unfairly low prices.

Did the US Supreme Court case Worcester v. Georgia legally open Cherokee lands to mining?

No. The case had nothing to do with mining.Worcester v. Georgia (1832) addressed a Georgia law requiring whites living in Cherokee territory to obtain a permit from the state. When seven missionaries refused to follow the law, they were convicted and sentenced to four years hard labor.When the appeal reached the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Marshall stated the United States relationship to the Cherokee was that of two separate nations, giving the federal government the sole right of negotiation with the Native American nations, and barring Georgia from taking action against them. Marshall further opined that the government did not have the right of possession of Native American land, nor dominion over their laws, short of military conquest or legal purchase.According to Marshall, the Cherokee weren't bound by Georgia state law while in their own territory, and Georgia couldn't make laws regarding use of their territory.He also ordered Georgia to release the missionaries, which it did.

Who was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who ruled that Cherokee territory was not subject to state law?

Fourth Chief Justice John Marshall (1801-1835) made that declaration in the Supreme Court's decision for Worcester v. Georgia, (1832). Marshall also stated the federal government had a duty to protect the Cherokee Nation from Georgia's aggression, but the Congress and President Jackson ignored the suggestion because it wasn't part of the legal ruling.Case Citation:Worcester v. Georgia, 35 US 515 (1832)

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The breakaway territory of Georgia originally supported by the Russians is?

south ossetia also know as tskhinvali region

Which nation was the ottoman empire located in?

While the modern country of TURKEY was the center of the Ottoman Empire, all of the following countries have territory that was once a part of the Ottoman Empire:Abkhazia* (Abkhazia is breakaway republic and recognized as part of the Republic of Georgia by nearly all UN members)AlbaniaAlgeriaArmeniaAustriaAzerbaijanBahrainBosnia and HerzegovinaBulgariaCroatiaCyprusDjiboutiEgyptEritreaGeorgiaGreeceHungaryIranIraqIsraelJordanKosovoKuwaitLebanonLibyaMacedoniaMoldovaMontenegroNorthern Cyprus* (Northern Cyprus is recognized as being part of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus under Turkish Occupation by nearly all UN members)OmanPalestineQatarRomaniaRussiaSaudi ArabiaSerbiaSlovakiaSomaliaSouth Ossetia* (South Ossetia is breakaway republic and recognized as part of the Republic of Georgia by nearly all UN members)SudanSyriaTunisiaTurkeyUnited Arab EmiratesUkraineYemen

What countries are enemies of Georgia?

Georgia has no eternal enemies, but it has a strongly antagonistic relationship with Russia and the Russian-supported breakaway Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. While there is a certain degree of cooperation and travel permissions between Georgia and Russia or Georgia and Abkhazia, Georgia has no relationship with South Ossetia.

Did the us congress create Georgia as a territory?

No. Georgia was one of the original 13 states.

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Georgia was the ancestral tribal lands for them and moving them to the reservation in Oklahoma opened the territory for settlements. This was the Trail of Tears.

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Was Georgia a territory before it became a state?

Yes Yes

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No. It is a former Soviet Union territory.

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