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The British evacuated Boston by sea on St. Patrick's Day 1776 after an 11-month siege. And that is why, to this day, kids in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, get St. Patty's day off from school.

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occupied Dorchester Heights

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Q: The british were forced to evacuate boston when general washington men?
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Who was the British general in charge of British forces in Boston.?

General Thomas Gage was the British general in charge of British forces in Boston.

Who was the British general in charge of the British forces in Boston?

General Thomas Gage was the British general in charge of British forces in Boston.

Why did the colonists want the hills surrounding Boston?

In order to force the British to evacuate the city.

What happen at the siege in boston by general washington how did british react?

The guns went up on the hill in Dorchester Heights and the British eventually left on March 17, which is why Boston schools close on that day every year.

What happened to British soldiers on the march back to Boston?

During the Revolutionary War the British were sent to Boston to ensure that the colonists obeyed the ruling against them for the Boston Tea Party. When they were headed back to Boston they were met by General George Washington that ordered his troops to point their cannons at the British and demanded that they leave.

Who was the British general in charge of the British troops in Boston?

The british commander who surrendered to gates at saratoga was Burgoyne. I found this out doing a word search for social studies.

Who forced the british to evacuate Boston?

chuck Norris As a Bostonian, I'm personally offended by that answer. A Massachusetts militia forced the evacuation of Boston after 11 months of siege.

General Washington scored his victory at?


Why did the British withdrew from Boston in 1776?

During the Revolutionary war, there was an 11 month siege of Boston by American troops who were under the command of George Washington. British General William Howe decided to avoid a repeat of the Battle of Bunker Hill and retreated, with the drawing the remaining British troops from Boston.

Who was the first war secretary?

Henry KnoxHenry Knox (1750-1806) Was a bookseller in Boston and a witness to the Boston Massacre. He later rose to become general in charge of George Washington's artillery and became one of his most trusted aides. Nicknamed "Ox" both because of his size, six foot three, appx 280 pounds and because during the winter of 1776, he transported the British cannon captured at Fort Ticonderoga by oxcart back to Boston. During Washington's first engagement with the British, these cannons were strategically placed on Dorcester Heights. This placement forced General Howe to evacuate the city of Boston without a shot being fired. At Yorktown, Knox commanded the artillery bombardment of General Cornwallis's and after the war served in Congress. After Washington was elected president, Knox became the country's first War Secretary

What helped Washington push the British out of Boston?

they had guns

What was the importance of the siege of Boston?

It was the struggle that triggered the start of the Revolutionary War. British troops had been in Boston for 8 years and Americans finally got them to evacuate.