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Q: The census is conducted by the Department of?
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What agency is responsible for conducting a census?

Department of Commerce is responsible for the census process. "Other essential operations conducted by the Commerce Department include the constitutionally mandated decennial census..." For more information visit

Who does the census?

In the United States, the census is organized and conducted by the US Census Bureau, which is part of the Department of Commerce. Most of the census workers are temporary employees hired through local field offices.

When was the first census conducted in Kuwait?

The first census was conducted in 1957 in Kuwait

What countries conducted a census in 1901?

A number of countries conducted a census in 1901. Ireland conducted a census as did the United Kingdom. Most countries conduct a census every 10 years.

Was the census conducted in 1931 and multiples of 10?

The first US Census was conducted in 1790 and every ten years thereafter.

What is the time period of census in India?

census is conducted after every 10 years

Is the 2010 census a worldwide census?

There never has been a worldwide census. The census in the US that was conducted in 2010 was a census of people living in the US and its possessions.

How many census are conducted in Pakistan?


When is the US census held?

(in the US) A complete and nationwide census is conducted every ten years.

When is The U.S. census is conducted?

Every 10 yrs

What did the first census of ancient Rome conducted by Augustus Caesar reveal?

The first census conducted by Augustus Caesar in Rome indicated there were approximately 350,000 males. Apparently females were not counted in this particular census.

What department of the government conducts the census?

The United States Census Bureau conducts the annual census, as well as other censuses, surveys and data gathering about the American people and economy. It is part of the Department of Commerce.