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Q: The charges against an accused government official must be drawn up in the?
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Who hears impeachment charges against a government official?

The senate

When a government official is the House of Representatives has brought an official statement of charges against them?


Can the senate decide the charges against an accused official in impeachnment?

The Federal House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach or bring charges against government officials (except members of Congress.) A majority vote is needed in the House to Impeach. The Senate has the sole power to try the impeachment case. A two-thirds vote of the senators present is needed for conviction. When a president is tried, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the Senate.

Does a magistrate have authority to dismiss charges against an accused?

If a defendant is eligible for a bench trial or trial by judge, the magistrate then has the authority to dismiss charges against the accused if evidence warrants it. If the defendant issues a written statement that he or she wishes to forgo a jury trial, the government agrees and the court approves, a bench trial can convene.

To level formal charges against an official?


What term means to bring charges of wrongdoing against a member of the executive or judicial branches of the federal government?


What is the defining of criminal justice?

Criminal justice is the process of bringing an accused person of an offense against the Government before a court to answer those charges, and, if convicted, given the proper punishment for the offense.

If i am accused of a criminal offense i have the right to know all my charges against me?

Yes, also a lawyer, and that you don't have to testify against yourself.

What are the charges laid against Socrates (according to Socrates) that have caused him to be arrested?

He reminds those who have accused him that he is virtuous.

What body makes formal charges against persons accused of violating federal law?

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How did accused Ponzi scheme swindler Bernard Madoff plead to all 11 federal charges against him?


The accused persons must be informed of the charges against them and they have a right to cross-examine witnesses.?

6th amendment