The city of pericles

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: The city of pericles
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Who made Athens a beautiful city?

Pericles made Athens a beautiful city.

Does pericles claim that athens is a generous city?

Pericles did make the Athens city-state to perfect. This is a generous city.

Who is the leader of encouraged people of his city to participate in government?

The leader was Pericles.

What city-state did Pericles lead?


What city states did Pericles rule?


Who Was was known for making Athens a beautiful city?


Described how Pericles felt on to of the Acropols watching the Persians advanced towards Athens?

Pericles was a boy, and he was with his family in a city in the Peloponnese taking refuge. The city had been evacuated.

Who was leader of the Athenian democracy during golden age?

the most powerful leader in the golden age was pericles the olympian who lead the city to it's height in culture.

Was Athens an isolationist city according to Pericles?

Pericles promoted imperialism. Sparta was the isolationist and considered as threat to the Athenian Empire.

What city was Pericles from?

Athense. He was a military leader in 477-431B.C.E

What do you think was Pericles greatest accomplishmen?

he rebuilt the city of Athens

Would Pericles say that Athenians were a law-abiding people?

Pericles, the Athenian leader, was so proud of this city, because of the men.