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Point of view on why Colonies were formeto suck as much profit as possible from the countries where such colonies were formed . that is to save time and ( as they formely thought ) get local inhabitants accustomed with such things.Sorry , my answer lacks historical confirmation ( a few people could express that explicitly ), but it is my own point of view that I formed according to long study in history
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so the people would have a place to live

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Q: The colonies were settled for what reasons?
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For which reason were the Northern Colonies initially settled?

The Northern colonies were initially settled by groups of people from England who left for religious reasons. People also settled in the Northern colonies for economic reasons.

Why were the southern colonies settled?

economic reasons

What colonies were settled for economic reasons?

Jamestown, Roanoke island, and _____

What are some reasons people settled in the middle colonies?

work, land and to start a new life

Who settled the middle colonies-?

German immigrants settled the middle colonies.

What are three reasons English settlers established colonies in America?

Religious freedom , money, and a new life are reasons colonists settled in America .

Which three colonies were settled for religious reasons?

The three colonies settled for religious reasons are Massachusetts (Pilgrims and Puritans seeking religious freedom), Pennsylvania (Quakers seeking religious tolerance), and Maryland (Catholics seeking refuge from persecution).

What three colonies settled for economic reasons?

pablo sanches in 1497 made the rights of actions wich colines fowllowed to find regions for enomic reasons

What was the reason the colonies settled?

Most of them settled in the colonies because of religious freedom

What was the last of the thirteen colonies to be settled?

The last of the thirteen colonies to be settled was Georgia.

Who were the thirteen colonies mainly settled by?

The English, German, Swiss and other Europen colonies settled the 13 original colonies.

What was the number one reason the early colonies were settled?

If they had not been settled, they would not have been colonies!