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action taken by a senator that attempts to prevent a bill from passing in the Senate

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Q: The concept of logrolling refers to?
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What key tool do lawmakers use to security the passage of public work legislation?

Lawmakers use logrolling to secure the passage of public works.Definition: Logrolling - Agreements by two or more lawmakers to support each ether's bills.Implied Concept: "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"

What is it called when member of Congress agree to support each others project?


What is the trading of votes between members of congress so that each gets the legislation he or she wants?


When two members of Congress who do not share common interests agree to support each other's bills the practice is called?


How does logrolling influence the legislative process?

it doesnt

Which concept refers to changes brought on by the information revolution?

Mass protest is the concept that refers to the changes brought on by the information revolution. Public unrest is the other concept.

What is it called when lawmakers agree to support each other's bills?

"Logrolling" was a term coined to describe two lawmakers promoting each others bills.

What is the difference between who and which?

"Who" refers to a person. "Which" refers to an inanimate object or concept.

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The term Manifest Destiny refers to what a form of government a law a constitutional right a concept?

A concept

What logrolling have to do with passing a bill?

Logrolling in the context of passing a bill involves the practice of trading votes between legislators to ensure the bill's passage. This can involve legislators agreeing to support each other's bills in exchange for support on their own bills. Logrolling is often used to build coalitions and achieve enough votes to pass a bill.

What is the agreement between members of Congress to support each other's?