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The conflict between President Tyler and the Whig leaders, like Henry Clay, arose because the Whig Party controlled Congress. The major conflict was that the Whig Party wanted to establish a national bank and Tyler did not support it.

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Q: The conflict between president tyler and whig leaders like Henry Clay?
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What was the conflict between president Tyler and Henry Clay about?

It was over the re-establishment of a national bank. More information regarding this can be found at the following website:

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The conflict between President Tyler and Whig leaders like Henry Clay took place over issues of?

The most important conflict took place over the issue of re-chartering the national bank. The Whigs had a goal of re-establishing the national bank ever since Jackson and the Democrats destroyed it. When the finally won the presidency and control of Congress, they passed a bill to do just that and Tyler vetoed it. Sparks flew- all bout one of Tyler's cabinet resigned and Tyler was expelled from the party.

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