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impeach supreme court justices!!!!!! novnet>>>

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Q: The congress is allowed to do what?
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Short sentence with the word congress in it?

I was allowed to go to congress

Is congress allowed to impeach supreme court judges?

yes the can beause their congress

Are congress allowed to co-command the army?

The President is Commander in Chief. Congress can advise and consent.

Is congress the only one allowed to declare war?

no :)

Why did congress have trouble paying it's debt?

Congress could not raise this money because it was not allowed to tax.

How many terms can a congress person be allowed to serve in congress?

A Congress person does not have a limit on the number of terms he or she can serve in Congress. This lack of restriction has inspired much debate recently.

Congress not have the authority to do?

Congress cannot pass any laws about marriage. Congress, itself, is not allowed to tax people. They can't borrow money, either.

Had Congress allowed six more justices on the Supreme Court how might have this changed the balance of powers?

Had Congress allowed six more justices on the Supreme Court, how might have this changed the balance of powers

Former members of Congress are not allowed to lobby Congress for?

One year after leaving office. Called the revolving door policy.

Which amendment allowed congress to pass an income tax?

16th amendment

Who did the republican congressmen not in allowed in congress?

Former confederate officers. UKnow!!

Can the White House propose a bill to congress?

The White House can only suggest that the Congress consider a bill to become a law. However, only a member of Congress is allowed to propose the bill directly to Congress.