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Q: The constitution states that congress must make changes in the documents wording because of changes in society true or false?
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Does the constitution state that congress must make changes in the documents wording because of changes in society?

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How many changes of the constitution were sent to congress?

12 changes of the constitusion were sent to congress

Why does the congress not the constitution set the presidents salary?

This is because times change and money changes value

Where do changes to the US Constitution usually start?


Can congress make changes in the document's wording because of changes in society?

It depends on the document. If it is something within their authority, yes, they can make whatever changes the constitution allows.

How can americans make chanhes to the constitution?

Americans make changes to the constitution through the congress

Congress can effect changes to the Constitution by?

Congress effects changes to the Constitution by proposing amendments that would have to be ratified by 3/4 of state legislatures or state conventions called for the purpose of ratification. Congress cannot make any Constitutional changes on its own.

How many changes to the constitution were sent by the states to congress?

the answer is 12

How can congress make unformal changes to the constitution?

Congress cannot make changes to the Constitution; it can only propose changes. To do so requires a two thirds majority vote from both Houses of Congress. If at least two thirds of each house votes in favor of the proposal, it is passed and goes to the states for ratification. As soon as at least three quarters of the states ratify the proposal, it is part of the Constitution.

Who determines congressional salary?

Congress does. But according to the constitution, changes can't kick in until after the next election.

Why do you think congress rather than the constitution sets the presidents salary?

I believe congress chooses their salary because the value of money changes over time and so if it was just one set salary made by the constitution it would cause the president to make less.

In what two general ways does Congress reshape the Constitution?

The Constitution may undergo changes with a Constitutional Amendment or Constitutional Convention. The Supreme Court may not actually make changes to the Constitution, but may interpret the lines of the Constitution differently as time passes.