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Iron triangle

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Q: The cooperation between interest groups federal agencies and related congressional committees is often referred to as the?
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Is an example of an iron triangle?

Stable, permanent relationship between agencies, congressional committees, and an interest group -plato

Consist of relationships among interest groups Congressional committees and subcommittees and the government agencies that share a common policy concern?

issue networks

What is the iron triangle made of?

The iron triangle is made up of three main components: government agencies, congressional committees, and interest groups. These elements work together to influence public policy in their favor through a system of mutually beneficial relationships and exchanges of resources or influence.

What agency or department is likely to have strong allies from a group of particular states in Congress?

Those in the iron triangle are likely to have strong allies from a particular state in congress. It is made of congressional committees, bureaucracy and interest groups.

Do Interest groups donate money to campaigns through political action committees?

no..... interest groups

What is the Political Arm of a special interest and what do they do?

Political action committees

What are the roles of political committees?

Political Committees are organizations set up by interest groups especially to collect money to support favored candidates.

What is PAC?

PAC stands for Political Action Committees. They are the fundraising wing of interest groups.

The most important resource that most groups give congressional candidates is?

financial support. Campaigns can be expensive, and groups such as political action committees (PACs), special interest groups, and party committees often provide contributions to candidates to help fund their campaigns. This financial support enables candidates to run effective campaigns, advertise, and reach a wider audience, thus increasing their chances of winning elections.

What can be done to make the functions of compensation committees consistent with shareholders interest?

Well that was a confusing sentance

An iron triangle is made up of an alliance between?

An iron triangle is typically formed between government regulators, industry representatives, and congressional committees. This alliance often leads to influence over government policies and decisions in favor of the involved parties.

What function does an interest group play at a congressional hearing?

Advicing the people and helping them with capital