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Because the government thought it would be better for everyone who wanted an education to be able to get one weather or not they are religious!

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Q: The court's ruling allows the state to pay for transportation to private non religious schools?
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Do private high schools have stricter discipline in general?

This website not only allows you to search for private schools by state but there is also information about whether or not to switch to a private school.

What allows religious groups to meet in high schools receiving federal funds?

equal access act

What allows students religious groups to meet in high schools receiving federal funds?

equal access act

What arePurpose of getting religious education in school?

In public schools religious education is not given. The history of religion is done in history classes, but to go beyond that teaching a particular lesson on a given religion is left up to private schools and home. The United States constitution provides a freedom of religion for all without state interference and allows people to worship how they wish or not worship without discrimination.

Can you get in trouble in school by changing your hair colors?

No, but if you are in private school yes, depending on the color ex. private school allows blonde, brown, NATURAL reds, and NATURAL blacks. The private schools DO NOT allow unatural red or black, green, purple, pink, blue, ex... Public schools allow any color

Why do Maryland schools allow Muslim prayer?

Maryland schools allow students to engage in private prayer or reflection time, including Muslim prayer, as part of their religious freedom rights protected by the First Amendment. Schools must accommodate students' religious practices as long as they do not disrupt the educational environment or interfere with the rights of others.

Can religious groups meet at federally funded public high schools despite the separation between church and state created by the establishment clause?

Yes, religious groups can meet at federally funded public high schools as long as the school allows all other community organizations to do so, and does not discriminate based on religious beliefs. This is protected under the Equal Access Act, which allows student religious groups to use school facilities on the same basis as non-religious student groups.

What is the child benefit theory?

The child benefit theory allows for state funds to be provided to students who are in private schools. This should only be done upon justification that the funds will benefit the students.

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What act allows student religious groups to hold meetings at high schools receiving federal funds?

The legal concept of freedom of speech requires that public schools which allow student groups to hold public meetings should afford the same right to religious student groups. For example, if the school allows the Entrepreneurs Club to hold meetings, it cannot refuse to let a Christian student group hold meetings.

What is the difference between a religious and normal college?

Christian colleges are private schools. This allows them to follow a doctrine and apply it to the teachers and students. Some Christian colleges are open to all students no matter what their religious background, others are open only to a specified group. Most Christian colleges hire only professors that ad-hear to their beliefs. "Normal" colleges, private or state, have a set of values they ad-hear to as well just not necessarily backed up by a faith. I encourage you to read the mission statement of any school before applying to see if your beliefs line up with theirs.

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