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Q: The courts are a part of the which branch?
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What courts are part of which branch?

All courts are part of the judicial branch.

The courts are a part of the branch.?

Judicial Branch

The courts are part of what branch?


Which branch of government has city courts?

In the U.S. system, courts make up the judicial branch. However, city courts (or municipal courts) are part of the state or local government, not part of the federal government.

Are courts and judges part of the judicial or executive branch?

The courts and the officers of the courts (lawyers, clerks, judges, and so forth) are all members of the judicial branch of government.

Is the president executive judicial or legislative?

The President is part of the executive branch, and Congress is part of the legislative branch. Courts, such as the Supreme Court, are part of the judicial branch.

What government branch is the US District Court in?

United States District Courts are trial courts in the federal court system, and part of the Judicial branch of government.

What is the general term for the US Supreme Court and other courts?

The Federal court system. The Article III courts, which comprise the Supreme Court, the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts, the US Court of International Trade, and the US District Courts are additionally part of the Judicial Branch. No other federal courts are included in the judicial branch; most are technically part of the Legislative Branch.

What branch of government is Ohio's supreme court?

All US courts are part of the Judicial branch of the government.

O which branch of government does the Supreme Court belong?

State supreme courts (or their equivalent) are part of each State's Judicial branch.

What branch of government can overrule decisions made by lower courts?

Appellate courts in the Judicial Branch have jurisdiction (power, authority) to review and uphold lower court decisions on appeal.Decisions can only be enforced by the Executive Branch.

What branch of government is the tax court in?

The US Tax Courts are part of the Legislative Branch of government, but support the IRS and the Department of the Treasury, which are part of the Executive Branch of government.