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major parties

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Q: The dominant political party in the US?
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Dominant political party of Canada?

The dominant political party in Canada during the last century was the Liberal Party.

What is the dominant political party in Massachusetts?


What is the dominant policticals parties in the US?

The dominant political parties in the USA are the Democrats and the Republicans. Though someone from the Green Party was a few electoral votes away from winning the 2000 election, the Green Party rarely comes this close and is not considered a dominant political party in this country. Some other political parties are communism and socialism, but they don't have very much power in this country.

Who was the dominant political party from the 1860s to the 1930s?


When a ruling political party is supplanted by a new dominant political force it is called a?


Which political party was dominant 30 years following the Civil War?

The Republican Party.

Is the republican party the same as the British labor party?

No, the Labour Party is the dominant left-wing party of the United Kingdom. The dominant right-wing party is the Conservative Party - but their political stance is probably closer to the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. European countries tend to be more left-wing than the US.

The two party system of the US was firmly established by the year?

The two party system in the US was firmly established by the early 19th century, with the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists as the main political parties. This system has persisted with different party alignments over time, but has remained the dominant political structure in the country.

What was the name of the dominant political party in Mexico for seventy years?

The name of the dominant political party in Mexico that started in 1929 and lasted for 71 years is called PNR. Then in 1938 it became PRM and in 1946 it was the PRI which was its lasting name.

What political party are Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania does not have an official political party. The state's residents are affiliated with various political parties, including the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and other third parties. The dominant party can vary depending on the region and political climate at any given time.

What is the name for a political organization so strong that its candidates win elections year after year?

Such a political organization is often referred to as a "dominant party" or a "one-party dominant system." In this system, the same political party consistently secures electoral victories and exerts significant control over the government and political processes. Some examples include the Communist Party in China or the African National Congress in South Africa.

What are Mississippi's political parties?

Mississippi is a "red state"-- this means the dominant political party is the Republicans. There is a Democratic party in the state, but it is not nearly as powerful as the Republicans currently are.