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2. The Dominion of New England, ruled by Sir Edmund Andros, joined New York, New Jersey, and New England into a single colony. Who was responsible for this action?

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Q: The dominion of New England ruled by sir Edmund andros joined New York New Jersey and New England into a single colony who was responsible for this action?
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The dominion of New England ruled by sir Edmund adros joined New York New Jersey and New England into a single colony who was responsible for this action?

Governor Sir Edmund Andros was in charge when the Dominion of the New England colonies was formed. This joining only lasted until King George was no longer the King of England.

Which three middle colonies were made part of the dominion new England?

New York, East Jersey, and West Jersey. (East Jersey and West Jersey were considered two different colonies when they were added to the Dominion of New England in 1688.)

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Nowhere. He governed, he never ruled. Edmund Andros was an English Colonial Administrator in North America. He was known for his governorship of the Dominion of New England for most of it's three-year existence. He also served as governor for the providences of New York, East Jersey, West Jersey, Virginia and Maryland. A governor does not "rule". A governors typical duties include signing bills, agreeing/disagreeing to new laws, serving as commander-in-chief for the state military, addressing citizens and various legal work such as requesting prison sentences and pardoning criminals. In other words, the governor is a "babysitter" for the state on behalf of the leader of the country. See the related links below.

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