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The House and the Senate of the United States meet in Joint Session to hear the Electoral Votes Counted.

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In the United States, the electoral vote for president is counted in the presence of the House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate. There are a total of 538 electoral votes.

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Both houses of congress

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Q: The electoral vote for president is counted in the presence of what two bodies?
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What two houses make up the US Congress?

The Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. These two legislative bodies also make up the electoral college.

What jobs does the vice president have?

The Vice President of the United States has only four official duties:(1) He presides over the Senate - formally, he sits in Senate and acts as the officer-in-charge, by which he does the usual management of administering a parliamentary-based body. He does NOT have powers to vote (see below for an exception), introduce or modify legislation, or have any power than to act as the moderator/referee.(2) In the special case of a tie vote in the Senate, the VP is permitted to break the tie by casing the deciding vote.(3) When the Electoral College officially meets after a Presidential election, the current Vice President sits as the presiding official. Officially, he watches to make sure the voting is done and counted properly, then acts as the official reciever and verifier of the vote.(4) Be ready to step in and act as President, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, should the President be disabled, die, or be removed. This means the V.P. receives constant updates from the various National Security advisory bodies, and generally is the person immediately after the President who is informed of any significant event or development.In modern times, the V.P. very seldom acts as in (1) - normally, this duty is passed to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. (2) is infrequent also, but generally does happen at least once in each V.P.'s term in office. (3) happens only once per term, after the general Presidential election. (4) actually happens relatively often - most presidents in the past 50 years have had at least one time during their term(s) that they temporarily assigned power to the V.P., and there are three instances of the V.P. permanently taking power (i.e. becoming the actual President) in the last 100 years.Unofficially, the modern V.P. has several additional duties, which now occupy virtually all his time:(1) Act as a legislative liason between the President and members of Congress. In this role, the V.P. generally acts as the President's "point man" for Congress, working up in Congress to gather votes and run strategies to pass the President's agenda.(2) Be a "stand in" for the President in places where a formal head-of-state's presence is required, but the President himself is otherwise unavailable (or, it would be politically unwise for the President to personally attend). This can range from attending funerals or corinations, being a "special envoy" at diplomatic or trade discussions, or for delivering special communications to delicate political negotiations.(3) Be the informal head-of-party for the political party which the President and V.P. belong. Generally, the President is extremely busy running the country, so the V.P. is often delegated the task of fundraising and political campaigning.(4) Act as a key advisor to the President on all issues. This varies widely, and is often a function of the personal history between the V.P. and President - some Presidents have very close relationships with their V.P.'s (e.g. G.W.Bush and Cheny, or Clinton and Gore), while others have little or no real interaction (e.g. Nixon/Ford or H.W.Bush/Quayle ).The informal powers of the V.P. are completely flexible, and are decided upon by the President and V.P. themselves; that is, they define the role of the V.P. based on a variety of factors, from the current geo-political state, to the inherent talents and disadvantages of both the President and V.P., and the level of familiarity and comfor the pair share.politician (someone engaged in politics, especially as an elected representative)

Which government bodies influence national fiscal policies that would potentially affect the housing market?

The United States Housing Authority establishes policies concerning housing. The agency was established in 1937 under the New Deal with President Roosevelt.

When ratifying a formal amendment to the constitution the ratifying bodies must get the support of at least of how much fraction of ratifying bodies?

When ratifying a formal amendment to the Constitution, the ratifying bodies must get the support of at least three-fourths of the ratifying bodies.

Can the House of Representatives overrule the President in decisions?

No, they are separate but equal bodies. Each body has specific functions that cannot be undertaken by the other body.

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The electoral vote for president is counted in the presence of two bodies?

The House of Representatives and the Senate (both houses of congress)

Who formally chooses the president?

The body that has the power to elect the President of the United States is the electoral college. Usually the electoral college will cast their votes in the same manner as the popular vote was. This doesn't always happen. In the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, Al Gore won the popular vote but the electoral college elected George W. Bush.

Which of the Indian govt bodies decides the electoral of parliament?

The people over 18 years

What are Two governmental bodies that may make informal changes?

electoral college and congress

What is gravitational force affected by?

Gravitational force is affected by the masses of the objects involved and the distance between them. The force increases as the masses of the objects increase and decreases as the distance between them increases.

What are the major factors that shape the climate of Alaska?

Latitude, bodies of water, and presence of mountains.

In ancient Egypt how were the dead conquered soldier's bodies counted?

1, 2, 3, 4, ... ^^

What are the two climate regions does Alaska have?

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What presidents bodies were actually on view?

No president has his body on display.

What bodies make up the Executive?

Congress president cabinet

What role do the people play in the countries political processes according to the constitution?

Originally the only role the people played was voting for members of the House of Representatives. The Senate was to be elected by members of the state legislative bodies. That changed with the 17th amendment.Even today there is no constitutional provision for how the Electoral college chooses the president.

What bodies make up the executive branch?

President, Vice President and Cabinets are the main groups or people of the executive branch.