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Q: The executive power belongs to the in a Commission system of city government?
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In a commission system of government who does the executive power belong to?


Distinguish between the presidential system of government and parliamentary system of government?

parliamentary government, a form of government where the executive power belongs to the prime minister or premier and his cabinet, where the executive and bodies are formed together, while the presidential government in which the executive power which is exercised by a single president elected by popular vote is independent of the legislative body.

A form of city government in which several officials are elected to top positions that have both legislative and executive responsibilities is called?

a commission system.

What is a similarity between the parliamentary system of government and the American federal system of government?

They both have an Executive. ;)

Which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?

It is a parliamentary democracy.

Who elected the executive in a parliamentary system of government?

The Members of Parliament

What branch of the government is responsible for the court system?

Executive Branch

What are the three government system?

the executive, the judicial, and the legislative branch

What is a system of government is based on states rights?

In what style of government does the legislature elect the executive?

What country has constitutional monarchy parliamentary democracy and unitary government?

The united Kingdom is a Parliamentary system,a system of government where in the ministers of the executive branch are drawn from the legislature, and are accountable to that body, such that the executive and legislative branches are intertwined. In such a system, the head of government is both de facto chief executive and chief legislator.

What are the caracterriseies of presidential system of government?

The characteristics of a Presidential system of government include a person who is the head of state and the head of the executive branch of government.

How did the commission system help clean up city government?

The commission system helped clean up city government by making covid nineteen a fluid transcript allowing junkies to inject themselves.