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Social institutions

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Q: The federal government greatly influences education?
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Why is federalism used in America?

Federalism is established in the constitution, but the federal government's power and responsibilities increased greatly after the Civil War, and during the Great Depression.

The term federal government refers to a central and national government true or false?

ANSWERfalse.. a federal government refers to the government of a group of federated political entities. A federal government would therefore have a distributed, rather than centralized, structureANSWERTechnically False ... and the previous explanation is incorrect, describing a confederacy or confederation as opposed to a federal government. The U.S. tried in 1781 to operate as a confederation, with power distributed among the states, but it worked poorly and created as many problems as it resolved.In 1788 the U.S. Constitution was created, setting up a federal government where powers were divided between the individual states and a central national government with strong authority in certain specified areas.During and after the 1861 Civil War, the national government's powers were greatly increased and the powers of the states decreased, and the trend has more slowly continued since then.One of the reasons for this is the Constitutional provision that the national government has authority over interstate commerce. Since there is very little that happens in just one state, whenever the national government wants to overturn states' rights and assume national control, it declares the subject a matter of interstate commerce and takes control. Proponents of states' rights would like to see the interstate commerce clause removed from the U.S. Constitution.I said "technically false" since there is an ever-growing trend to refer to the U.S. national government as the "federal government"; so a case could be made that in the U.S.A., the term "federal government" has come to refer to the national government in everyday speech, even though the term is academically incorrect.

Was the new deal conservative or liberal?

The 'New Deal,' a series of widespread federal (and some state) programs and initiatives during the 1930s, was indeed 'liberal.' As distinct from 'conservative' understandings of the responsibilities and privileges of federal government, the 'liberal' New Deal greatly expanded the role of federal government relative to its previous role in American economics and social planning. Fundamentally, it conceived of the federal government as responsible for ensuring in-state stability and prosperity in domestic affairs.

How has the necessary and proper clause expanded federal power?

The 'necessary and proper' clause is an expressed power that gives way to an implied power. The federal government to use it to justify acts that are not specifically sanctioned in the Constitution.

Which was Madisons plan for a national government with greatly expanded powers?

balance between different interests

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After the war did the power of the federal government greatly increased?

After the war, the power of the federal government did greatly increase.

Which of the following individuals would most likely support this headline?

A person who wants to greatly limit the federal government's power ACCORDING TO APEX

The number of civilian employees in the federal government increased or decreased during the Great Depression?

The number of civilian employees in the Federal government increased greatly during the Great Depression. This helped to improve the population's access to government help.

What concept does federal legislation of the minimum wage illustrate?

The concept federal legislation of the minimum wage illustrates is labor reform. Many states have federal wages that vary greatly from the one the federal government has instituted.

The best evidence that the Civil War greatly increased the power of the Federal Government over the states was the?

ratification of 14th amendment

The largest percentage of the federal government dollar goes for?

The largest percentage of the federal government dollar goes to pay for military needs. These numbers are greatly increased on the specific moneys allocated for this purpose when there are war efforts taking place.

Why is federalism used in America?

Federalism is established in the constitution, but the federal government's power and responsibilities increased greatly after the Civil War, and during the Great Depression.

What is the education rate of Belgium?

the rate of the belgium education is increasing greatly

What influences government spending?

the macroeconomic objectives being pursued by the government will greatly influence government spending . a government aiming to reduce employment and promote economic growth is likely to pursue an expansionary fiscal policy , thus increasing government spending where as a government aiming to control inflation is likely to follow a contractions policy thus reducing its spending.

How do you sue the federal government for a regulatory ruling that is factually inaccurate?

You should discuss this with an attorney. You would file the lawsuit in a Federal District Court; the process is quite complicated and you will benefit greatly from being represented by a competent lawyer.

What role did the the federal government play in increasing industrialization in the US after the civil war?

After the US Civil War, the federal government backed the Transcontinental Railroad, which greatly enhanced the Industrial Age and lead to huge economic growth within the country. The government enhanced the nation's capitalist economy, promoting private enterprise and a free market.

To what extent has power shifted away from federal government towards the states in the last 25 years in the USA?

I am in agreement. The Federal government has extrapolated its authority over the states. The fact that the Federal government can step in and cease or regulate state-run-agencies is proof. State's Rights has diminished much more greatly than ever, probably in the last 2-3 decades. The states are their own sovereign power, so to speak, they are ultimately regulated by a higher authority--the Federal government. As far as i can tell the states have lost some of their power not the federal government.