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Any one can be elected to the presidency

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Q: The federal government is largely a meritocracy in that?
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Was the yuan dynasty meritocracy or aristocracy?

They were 'government by foreigners' which is not meritocracy or aristocracy.

What system of government is largely an American invention?


What is meritocracy?

Meritocracy is a government ruled by the people that have earned the right to rule. ( such as demonstrating intelligence and virtue-merit)

According to Plato what is the perfect form of government?


What is the difference of timocracy and meritocracy?

Timocracy is a form of oligarchy in which the people that form the government are property owners,while meritocracy is a system of government base on merit or levels of achieviement.

What is a better style of government aristocracy or meritocracy and why?

meritocracy is better because if the government wants good workers but they follow aristocracy they could get a rich stupid guy as a mayor, but if we follow meritocracy we could get an excellent student who's had straight a's his whole life.

Why Pakistan be federal government?

Pakistan is a Federal State because that is how the constitutuion was written. Each province has its own provincial government which is under the federal Government in Islamabad. All provinces except for FATA. The Federally Administered Tribal Areas which are largely lawless.

Examples of meritocracy?

The military, Government, Oil owners, Entrepreneurs, etc....

What government dose Japan have?

Japanhas a unitary rather than federal system of government, in which local jurisdictions largely depend on national governmentfinancially.

Did the Greek civilization have some form of government?

Many forms of government from Democracy to Tyranny Meritocracy and Aristocracy to Plutocracy.

What is the difference between a democracy and a meritocracy?

Democracy is a government made up of representatives chosen by the people themselves. Meritocracy is the ideology that people get what they deserve; it is a system where people are rewarded based on ability.

What country has meritocracy?

China has meritocracy.