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The President cannot exercise this power with regard to those who violate state law.

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Q: The federal system comes into play with reprieves and pardons because?
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Which branch grants a reprieve?

The judicial branch of government is the branch of government that grants reprieve or pardons. Reprieves are usually granted at the federal level of the court system.

What is the presidential pardon power?

The presidential pardon power is the authority granted to the President of the United States to grant clemency and forgive federal offenses. The President can use this power to release individuals from legal consequences or reduce their sentences. It is a discretionary power and can be exercised at any time during a President's term in office.

What is the role of the governor of a states with regard to prisoners and prisons in the states?

Pardon, release or commute sentence.

Why was the court system established in the US?

because the federal development system was not counted as being a federal court so they count it as not being one of the actual federal court system of the untied states

Why the state system can't contradict the federal system?

State law cannot contradict federal law because the Constitution states that federal law has power over state law.

Why is your federal system a double security?

because it contains top secret information

What about Nigeria are they not using federal system of government?

Nigeria is a federal state because the division of governmental powers and authority constitutionally guaranteed.

What is federal system?

Federal system is a dual government system in which nation is divided into different states and single central government .

Why was the state court system under the Articles of Confederation ineffective?

== == Because they just didn't make a federal system, in which the checks and balances would prevent one branch of government form over-ruling another.

Federal ruling system is more democratic why in 4 points?

The federal ruling system is considered more democratic because of the division of power, and the various checks and balances put in place.

Who pardons criminals?

In the United States, it is the executive branch of government that can pardon a convicted criminal. By issuing a pardon, the executive is overruling the decision of the judicial branch (the court system). Federal crimes can be pardoned by the President. Crimes tried and sentenced in state courts can be pardoned by the governor of that state. The only time a federal or state executive cannot grant a pardon is in cases of impeachment.

Decisions made by the Federal Reserve System are:?

not politically influenced because the agency is independent