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Q: The first President to claim a leadership role for executive branch in lawmaking by proposing innovative social programs was?
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The lawmaking functions of the federal government are performed by who?

Executive functions of the Federal Government are performed by the President, otherwise known as the Executive Branch.

What is the Lawmaking power delegated to the executive branch?

Whether to sign it in as law or not.

How does the executive branch influence policy?

The president himself is a very influential man, and ideas that he promotes can become popular. The cabinets produce many regulations that influence lawmaking.

What is non-legislative power?

Simply it means authority/power that does not originate with the legislative branch of government. In American govt. non-legislative power originates from the executive and judicial branch in the form of executive orders and judicial review respectively

What is president's role in lawmaking?

The president can convince congress to pass a bill, and the president can then sign the bill into a law.

Which branch of government has the responsibility to keep the lawmaking branch and public informed as to the state of the union?

executive branch

Who signed the lawmaking president's day a national holiday?

Grover Cleveland

What role does the president play in lawmaking?

The president plays a significant role in the lawmaking process. The president can propose legislation to Congress, sign bills into law, or veto them. Additionally, the president can use their influence and platform to advocate for specific policies and rally support for legislation.

Which is true about the lawmaking process and the role of the President?

Congress must present every passed bill and resolution to the President.

What is the right power of a president or Governor to reject bills passed by lawmaking body?


The right or power of a president or Governor to reject bills passed by a a lawmaking body?


Besides lawmaking what are the other functions of Congress?

The other functions are to advise and consent the president.