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D.Independence, Missouri is where the Oregon Trail began.

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Q: The first large-scale migration to Oregon left from?
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What is the meaning of the term the great migration?

The Great Migration means that the Puritans left for the Americas.

Who took the first wagon train from Missouri to Oregon?

The first organized wagon train left Missouri to go to Oregon on May 22, 1843. The train was made up of 1,000 people including families, missionaries, and pioneers and was guided by Dr. Elijah White.

When did the pioneers usually leave for the Oregon trail?

they left on 1850

Where is Oregon's biggest lighthouse?

Yaquina Head lighthouse stands 93 feet high, about 162 feet above sea level and is the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. It is located just north of Newport , Oregon near Izzy's pizza. First left turn before Izzy's pizza then travel out the to the head.

What are some reasons why a family might take the Oregon Trail?

Some of the main reasons people left for Oregon on the Oregon Trail was for free land and a start of a better life.

What states did people have to cross on their way to Oregon territory?

They left Missouri and crossed Kansas, Nebraska and Utah to reach Oregon Territory.

What role did insects play in the migration of people through out Africa?

They were scared of the spiders and left Africa.

What are painted bright yellow and left out for people to use in portland Oregon?


Who led great migration of 1843?

The Trail, also known as the "Great Migration" began in 1843. 1000 pioneers assembled with 120 wagons and 5000 head of livestock left Independence Missouri for a greater life out west. This was the largest peacetime migration in the history of the world.

What happened to the sager Children?

This is a true family. They were one of the families that left for the Oregon trail from Mossuri to Oregon country.

What did the Chinese migration groups experience?

The Chinese migration groups experienced bad things. For example, the immigrants were mainly peasant farmers who left their homes because of economic and political troubles in China.

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