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November 29th, 1948

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Q: The first mass-produced car in Australia the Holden is completed?
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Where were Holden's first made?


What was the first car made in Australia?

The first car that was made in Australia was the Holden 48-215. It was also known as the Holden FX.

When was the Holden Commodore first manufactured?

The Holden Commodore was first manufactured in 1978. It is interesting to note the Holden company is a part of the GM corporation with the Holden part being in Australia.

WHere was the first Holden car made?

Adelaide, South Australia.

Who invented the first Holden car in a Australia?

bronco mills

What is Australia's first successful mass produced car and what year was it first manufactured?

The Holden car in Australia The manufacture of the first all-Australian motor vehicle in 1948 not only signified an important moment in the country's industrial development it also produced a brand of vehicle - the Holden - that occupies a special place in the hearts of many Australians. the Holden and Frost Company repaired and produced horse-drawn carriages and built its first custom-made car body in 1914. In 1924, the company was renamed Holden's Motor Body Builders and became the exclusive supplier of American car manufacturer General Motors in Australia.

When was the first Holden made?

The first Holden was made in Australia, I believe. All Holdens were made in Australia. It is the Aussie arm of US giant 'General Motors'. As is Vauxhall in the UK.

How old is the Holden car manufacturer?

Holden started business in Australia in 1856. The company made saddlery, and moved into car bodies when car manufactures built engine and chassis only. General Motors bought Holden in 1931. Holden built its' first complete car in Australia in 1948.

Where was the first HK holden made?

"The first HK holden was made in Australia by the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. It was then sold in New Zealand, parts of Asia, and south Africa."

What was the first Holden made?

The Holden first Holden made was a Holden 48/215 also known as a Holden fx :)

What was the first Holden called?

The Holden 48-215 or later known as the FX was the first Holden mass produced under General motorsIt was called the Holden 48-215 and later named the Holden FX

Is Holden a real first name?

yes Holden is a rel first name it is a weird name but there are a lot of weird names out there. i know for a fact that Holden is a real first name because my friends name is Holden who is in my class.