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Q: The first merit selection process for choosing judges was developed in 1949 in what state?
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What is the selection process for judges?

They are elected officials.

The missouri plan combines the twin goals of what?

The Missouri Plan combined a selection of qualified judges and popular sovereignty. The Missouri Plan is a method of choosing judges that is adopted by the state.

What is the selection process for federal judges in the US?

it goes to the courts than the congress to see if they approve or not.

What are the methods of judicial selection for federal appellate judges state appellate judges and state trial court judges?

The methods of judicial selection for federal appellate judges state appellate and state trial judges

What is judicial selection?

The way by which judges are chosen.

What is another name for the merit selection of judges?

Another name for the merit selection of judges is the "Missouri Plan" or the "Judicial Merit Selection System." It is a method used to appoint judges based on their qualifications and experience rather than through political appointments or elections.

Which practice in the selection process for federal judges allows senators to block nominations to federal courts in their home states?

the blue slip policy-the process by which a senator can block the nominationof a federal official such as a judge!

Which is part of the selection process for all federal judges?

being confirmed by the senate. hope that helps.

What has the author Bancroft C Henderson written?

Bancroft C. Henderson has written: 'The selection of judges in Texas' -- subject(s): Judges

What is the process of apointement of all the judges of High Court?

The process in which judges are appointed to High Court is called The Appointments Clause in the Constitution.

Does the Constitution set age residency or other requirements for federal judges?

No. The Constitution is silent about qualifications for federal judges. There are also no statutory (legal) requirements for appointment to the Judicial Branch; however, those in charge of the selection process have adopted stringent, informal criteria for selecting appropriate nominees.

What is the plan name that combines popular vote and Governor appointment when choosing judges?

missouri plan