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The founders allowed for amendments, and through the years, these have made some very important changes, including giving African-Americans and women the right to vote. There are currently 27 amendments to the constitution.

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Constitutional amendment

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Q: The founders created a constitution that could be adapted for the future through?
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Why did the founding fathers create a Constitution that could be adapted for the future?

The founders created a Constitution that could be adapted for the future through amendments. Popular sovereignty is what gives the Constitution this much power.

The founders created a constitution that could be adapted for the future use through?

The Founders of the U.S.A. intentionally created a Constitution and, more generally, a government, that could be adapted for the future especially through the amendment process: new discoveries and changing circumstances can make an impact on government by newly adopted constitutional amendments. Further, the three primary branches of the government, individually or working together, can foment change through processes laid down by the Founders.

Why can you amend the constitution?

Our founding fathers knew that the Constitution they created was not perfect, and that through time, might be changed for the better, or to accustom future generations.

How do these documents reveal the political philosophy of the Founders How does the New Hampshire Constitution relate to John Locke's philosophy?

The documents reveal the Founders' political philosophy through concepts like limited government, natural rights, and the social contract. The New Hampshire Constitution reflects John Locke's philosophy by emphasizing the protection of individual rights, separation of powers, and consent of the governed, all of which were central to Locke's ideas on political theory.

What government most effectively created its own powers through its interpretation of the Constitution?

federal judiciary

Did the constitution create a democracy or a republic?

No, the Framers created a republic, not a democracy.

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What is rigid and flexible constitution?

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