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The constitution calls for the President to elected by electors from the states. It allows the state legislatures to decide how to choose its electors. Probably most of the framers expected the legislatures to elect the electors rather than holding a popular election to choose them.

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The framers of the constitution wanted the president to be elected by the citizens. This is what they believed would result to equal participation by all the people.

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body of electors.

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Q: The framers of the Constitution agreed that the president should be elected by the?
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What was the Name of the form of government the framers of the American constitution agreed to create?

The form of government the framers of the Constitution agreed to create republic

What were 7 areas in which the framers of the constitution agreed upon?

What did the framers of the constitution agree/disagree upon at the constitutional convention?

What did all the framers of the Constitution agreed to before the convention?

to work in secret

What did all of the framers of the Constitution agreed to before the convention?

to work in secret

Which principle included in the US Constitution shows that the framers agreed with Montesquieu?

Seperation of powers

What did the framers agree should be part of the constitution?

The framers of the US Constitution had their differences, but they also had some things they agreed on. Some of these were the need to allow the people to have a voice in how they were governed and to include a series of checks and balances in the system of government.

How excited was Washington about being president?

He did not want to be President, but once he agreed to do it, he was no doubt happy to be elected unanimously.

Who president over the constitutional convention of 1787?

The 1787 Constitutional Convention took place from May 25th to September 17th, 1787. The delegates in attendance quickly agreed upon George Washington to be the president of the convention. Washington would be elected in 1789 to be the first president of the United States under the new Constitution.

Who elected George Washington for first president?

it was 69 electors who each agreed to each vote geoge washington

What did the Framers all agreed to?

the nation needed a new government

Can a sitting vice president who has served eight years in office under the same president be picked to run again as a vice president by another person running for president?

Legal schollars are not agreed on this point, but there is no explicit limit in the Constitution to how many terms a person may be elected to the office of Vice-President. The two term limit applies only to the office of President. YES they can

What did the framers agreed on during the philadelphia convention?

To write some thing into it.......... Wait IDK STARDOLLBIEBER'S ANSWER: Good answer.... anyways. The Framers agreed to stop the Slave Trade. They also agreed to make the three-fifths clause. and also they agreed to let girls vote.....(Sure....xD) JK