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So what you are saying is that not strapping your kids in and them then getting hurt can be compensated for by you getting hurt. not to mention the expense to the public purse caused by people being hurt and sometimes converted int cripples. Besides If there is no seat belt rule the price of insurance would go up.

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cause and effect 
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Argumentative per APEX
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For apex the answer is argumentative

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Q: The government doesn't need to penalize people for not wearing a seatbelt because they're already penalized enough when they get into an accident?
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Which of the following actions best meets the goal of security?

wearing a seatbelt in the car

Why is a democratic government better than a dictatorial government?

Communism is better than democracy for several reasons. For starters, lets look at why democracy is bad. Firstly, democracy is often associated with capitalism. Capitalism causes lots of economic distortion in the classes, and can become unfair to the lower classes. Secondly, democracies are easy to manipulate by those with power. For example, lobbyists in America have manipulated the American system with their poop to give themselves unfair advantages that may not be necessary to the people (look at seatbelt laws, something the government should not enforce). However, power does not only come from poop. If it tried enough, China could march it's citizens into America, eventually achieve a majority, and America would become an extension of China. Next, there is the issue of unsure leadership. Often times, and as a result of a capitalist system, politicians become accustomed to lying and cheating to get ahead. Now, suppose someone is installed in office who has a hidden agenda. We're not really ever sure what that person is doing: are they funded by lobbyists? Are they a communist representative trying to take over the democratic government? Just who are they, for certain? We have no way of knowing, as we would if it were a communist system. How? I'll show you, so lets talk about why communism is good. To further proove my last point, I'd like to point out that communist leaders have no reason to hide their agendas from the public. There is nothing that the public can do about it, as the leaders most probably already have a very strong system in place to protect themselves. QED Secondly, communism is good because it treats all its lesser citizens as equals. Everyone is offered the same health care, the same everything. Citizens don't have to worry about fighting to get ahead economically, because that concept doesnt even exist. Communism is also good, because according to Plato's Republic the vast majority of the population isnt smart enough to make political decisions any way. While that may seem cruel to deny people the chance to decide, its really just lifting an extra burden of peoples minds. And, to be honest, looking at voter turnout in America, how many citizens want to participate in government any way? Lastly, communism is powerful. In democracy/capitalism everything is going in all totally crazy directions and there is really slow progress. However, with communism the government can dictate that the entire country put all its resources in one direction and extreme amounts of progress can be made. Some may say this is dangerous, however but with the most intelligent leader ship, you can be garunteed that what they're doing is right. Arguing against beliefs is one of my favorite things to do. It's surprising how much you can learn putting yourself in someone else's place.

How did Bessie Coleman Die?

The day before an airshow, her mechanic William Wills was flying an airplane. Bessie was going over the plane and had no seatbelt on. A wrench got into the gearbox and jammed it, causing the plane to taildive and crash. Bessie fell 1500 feet and died. :(

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What is the best protection against injury if you have an accident?


How can you it protect us from accident?

drive carfully and wear a seatbelt

What could a driver do to prevent flying out of his windshield in an accident?

where a seatbelt

What is better than presence of mind in an automobile accident?


If you have your seatbelt on and you get in a car accident what will happen to you?

You should be prevented from being ejected from the car.

What is wrong if a 2003 Lexus was in an accident and now the seat belts do not work?

The only cure is to replace the seatbelt it is a safety issue, supposedly the seatbelt is not completely safe if it has locked up during an accident, however i did hear that sometimes if the electrical connector to the retractor is removed it will unlock.

How can you lose your liscence?

You can loose your licence if you get into an accident that was caused by you where someone was injured or even if you get caught not wearing a seatbelt.

Negative effects of airbags during an accident?

If you aren't wearing a seatbelt, they can kill you even in a minor accident (solution: wear your seatbelt). If a child is in the front seat, it can kill them (solution: no kids in front seats). In a minor accident it might go off even though you didn't really need it, which can be annoying and expensive to fix (solution: None, but they are well worth it anyway!)

What accident class is it when a convoy vehicle stopped suddenly resulting in the death of one soldier who was thrown because she was not wearing a seatbelt?

Under United States Army regulations, any accident that results in a fatal injury to any personnel is classified as Accident Class A.

Do you really have to wear a seatbelt?

In many places it's the law. And ignoring the legal issues wearing it will improve your chances of surviving an accident tremendously.

A convoy vehicle stopped suddenly killing a soldier not wearing a seat belt. what accident class is this?

ON duty fatality is a class A, regardless of lack of seatbelt.

How do you repair locked rear seatbelt in 94 pathfinder?

It says in my book that if there is anything wrong with the retractor, or if they are locked up from an accident the only fix is replacement.