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An example of unitary is system of government is the United Kingdom.

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Q: The government of which of the following as covered in this unit is the best example of a unitary system?
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Great Britain with its centralized Parliament is an example of which type of government?

unitary. (whoo! first to answer!)Great Britain's central parliament is an example of a unitary form of government.

What is a good example of unitary system of government?

An example of unitary is system of government is the United Kingdom. Actually, not anymore. The UK is more of a federal system with a weak state government. A better example is France, which has a very strong unitary system, with a powerful central government, and regional governments which are directly responsible to the national government.

Is Italy a unitary government?

Italy is an example of an unitary government. However, there are many more countries with this form of government, including Chile, Haiti, Portugal. and Panama. An unitary government is one in which the central government has all the power.

What is an example of a county that has unitary government?

collect taxes

Is unitary a noun or verb?

The word 'unitary' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun as based on or characterized by unity; for example a unitary government or a unitaryfoundation.

How do you Use unitary government in a sentence?

A unitary government is a sovereign state ruled as one single unit in which the central government is supreme and any administrative divisions exercise only powers that the central government permits. Example sentence: The regime of Saddam Hussein was a unitary government in which everyone answered to him alone.

All governmental powers are held by a central government in what type of a government system?

In a unitary government, all powers are held by a central government.

Is the Philippine government unitary or federal?

The Philippine government has a unitary form of government

Is a unitary form of government is also a parliamentary form of government?

It can be, but not necessarily. A unitary state is simply one where the power is centralized in one place and contrasts with a federation in which power is divided among states/regions and a central government. For example, the UK is a unitary state (for the most part) whereas the US is a federation. A parliamentary form of government simply means that the executive branch/ministers/cabinet are part of the legislative body. Both unitary and federal states can have parliaments. For example, India is a federation with a parliamentary system where as the UK is a unitary state with a parliamentary system.

Does a unitary system share power with the national government?

In a unitary system, power is concentrated in the hands of the national government, which holds authority over subnational entities such as regions or provinces. Subnational governments derive their power from the national government and can be created, altered, or abolished by it.

Is turkey a unitary or federal government?


The terms confederate unitary and federal all refer to what?

where the power of a government is located