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A bicameral legislature

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Representation of the states in Congress.

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Q: The great compromise at the constitutional convention of 1787 contained a provision of?
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At the Constitutional Convention the provision that granted two senators to each state regardless of its size was part of the?

Great Compromise

What Kansas Nebraska Act Flatly contradicted the provision of what compromise?

Missouri Compromise

The key feature of the Great Compromise was its provision for?

what were 3 key provisions of the great compromise.

Is the separation of powers a constitutional provision?


Which right did members of the Constitutional Convention adopt from the English Bill of Rights?

The Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment provision in the US Constitution was originally found in the English Bill of Rights.

The Mississippi River would be open for trade to both the Americans and the British according to what?

The Constitutional Convention made this rule.

What was part of the Compromise of 1850?

A provision creating Utah and New Mexico

Was part of the compromise of 1850?

A provision creating Utah and New Mexico

The confederate constitution contained a provision outlawing?

international trading of slaves

Which of the following was a provision of the Missouri Compromise?

the prohibition of slavery in certain areas (studyisland)

What constitutional provision was important in the Dustin Hoffman case?

Free Speech Clause

What is the importance of the constitutional provision on amendments or revisions?

The US Constitutional provision for the amendments known as the Bill of Rights has been of great importance. The amendment process allows changes to the Constitution when events deem it necessary to make fundamental changes in the laws.