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The group is called the electoral college and its member are electors.

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Q: The group chosen every four years to make the formal selection of the president and vice president?
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What are some characteristics of the electoral college?

It is a group of persons (presidential electors) chosen in each state and the District of Columbia every four years who make a formal selection of the President and Vice-President.

Persons elected to cast a state's vote in the electoral college for us president and vice president are called what?

The electoral college is a group of people who are selected every four years to make the formal selection of President and Vice-President. These men and women are referred to as the Presidential electors.

What is the president chosen by?

The president of the United States is chosen by the people of the United States. An election is held every four years for the citizens to vote for their next president.

Name every president that had in inaugural day?

I do not understand your question. Every president was sworn in, and had some of formal inauguration day ceremonies to celebrate the important day.

What did Martha Washington do after George Washington became president?

Martha held formal dinners on every thursday.

The president of the US is directly elected by?

The electors are chosen by popular vote in every State and on the same day everywhere.

How were Georgian leaders chosen?

Historically, Georgia was a Kingdom, so its leaders were chosen by the monarchic rules of succession. Currently, the Republic of Georgia has parliamentary elections every four years and presidential elections every five years. However, the president has very limited powers.

Is the Governor of Puerto Rico chosen by the US president?

There was a time when the U.S. President appointed the Governors of U.S. territories, but today, just as in every U.S. state, the people of every organized U.S. territory and of American Samoa elect their own Governors.

How is the president chosen in Afghanistan?

The president is elected by direct election every 5 years. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a run-off election is held between the top 2 candidates.

Branch of government is chosen indirectly through the electoral college?

The electoral college serves only one purpose and that is to elect the president and vice president every four years. The president is, of course, the head of the executive branch of the US government.

Who was chosen as president of the US by the U.S House of Representatives?

John Quincy Adams was chosen by the House in 1824 because nobody got a majority of the electoral vote. (Thomas Jefferson was chosen by the House in 1800 because he and his running mate. Aaron Burr tied in electoral vote. At that time every elector cast two votes. The highest became President and second highest vice-president. Burr saw his chance to be president and refused to resign, but the House eventually elected Jefferson. The 12th amendment was soon ratified which made the election of President and vice-president separate.

How is a senator chosen?

Usually a senator is chosen every 6 years.